Website making ~ byte harmony creating!

If You made a decision to make a website - You made it right! The whole army of potential customers awaits on You!


We offer You following services:

1)Static website making *

(making of a website based on HTML, CSS, JS)

2) Dynamic website making ** CMS sites with data bases: 

Joomla, WordPressPHP,  CSS, JS, MySQL
(advanced sites where You have the ability to mange the contents on the website in the real time on Your own, quite easily, through a control panel and the environment similar to WORD).

3) Web shop making

Presta Shop, Magento, Open Cart
(completely automated web shops that manage stock lists, automatically make and send offers, make warrants for delivery and bills, ...)

* Static websites
Static websites are websites programmed so that their content is not updated or changed that often, or even never for the time of its existence, and any change requires elementary programming skills (working in HTML, CSS, JS etc.).

**Dynamic websites
Dynamic websites are websites programmed to 'catch' data from the data base and independent page components to put them in a web page once you require it by clicking. They are suitable for websites whose content needs to be frequently updated or supplemented e.g. news portal, forums and other websites where new content can be found every day, hour or even minute. These websites are easy for content managing, do not require programming, and are more popular and viewed than the static ones. Therefore, they are more frequented on the Internet.

On websites, in general...

Website is a group of web pages mutually connected into a whole.

A web page is a bunch of gathered information You can view or read on the Internet using a browser installed on your device. Mostly they contain links to some other web pages. Web pages are mostly combination of texts and pictures, beautified through web design, and some contain audio or video files.

In order for Your website to become visible on the Internet You must register a domain.

In order to place Your website somewhere on the Internet (in case Your not using Your own servers) you must rent a HOSTING PACKAGE AS WEL.

In case You did not know: The first public web site appeared in 1991. It was made by Tim Berners-Lee, and its original copy You caan view at look here. (original: Wikipedia)

Author: Alexander, FactorySites!